Awesome Speed Loader Device allows you to load a 22. mag in seconds

Easiest Knifemaking Project Ever – Making a Shuriken (Japanese Throwing Dart)
A shuriken (Japanese meaning “sword covered up in one’s grasp”) is a conventional Japanese disguised weapon that was for the most part utilized for tossing, and once in a while wounding or cutting. They are honed hand-held cutting edges produced using an assortment of ordinary things, for example, needles, nails and blades, and additionally coins, washers, and other level plates of metal.
Actually, it’s not a real knife. In any case, it’s sharp and it’s made of steel, so it’s pretty darn close! In this video Walter Sorrells demonstrates a strangely straightforward venture – how to make a bo-shuriken, or Japanese tossing dart – from a bit of rebar. Three unique techniques are appeared, including one which requires no power instruments by any means. In another video, Walter will demonstrate the hand manufacturing of a more refined shuriken.

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